VALO Hotel & Work combines hotel and office services into one building offering higher returns to investors. With our smart solutions in space and technology, every square meter can generate greater profits with virtually the same maintenance costs.

The hotel rooms and their shares are a highly sought after investment.Return on investment is set by the overall returns of all VALO rooms in the Hotel/Work Pool. Additionally, returns from the spaces owned by the property company, such as the meeting, coworking and parking spaces, are shared with all owners.

Valo Hotel/Work Helsinki

Hotel rooms are now in sale! The hotel is located centrally in the Helsinki metropolitan area, on Mannerheimintie, a short tram ride from the centre of Helsinki.

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How it works


As the owner of a VALO Hotel/Work room, you own the hotel room fully, just like you would an apartment in an ordinary housing company. The difference between owning a VALO room and owning a share of stock in a housing company, is that the purposes of VALO rooms are accommodation and/or office use.
All room owners own the property company in proportion to their share ownerships. The property company owns, in addition to common areas, spaces that generate proceeds: a 155-place parking garage, several conference & meeting rooms, a kiosk, a gym and the rooftop SPA.


Renting out VALO hotel rooms is easy. You transfers the room to the operator, who will take care of all responsibilities related to the room, and expenses related to its use. You are paid the net rental income every three months.
Your income is determined on the basis of the total utilisation rate of the rooms in Pool. This means that you receive income even if your room is empty.


When you want to reserve a VALO Hotel/Work room, or e.g. a conference room, for yourself, both can be done easily from the owner calendar. There’s no need to pay at the time of use, as it’s always deducted from the next rendering of accounts, owner discounts included. Using the hotel cumulates the hotel’s proceeds and thus it largely returns to you.


If you don’t want to add your room to our Pool, you can use the room freely as you please. The purpose of the room is accommodation and/or office use subject to value-added tax. The expenses of the room consist of a maintenance charge and ground rent charge. Even outside Pool you can, if you wish, use the hotel operator’s cleaning and linen service according to a separate price-list.


VALO Hotel

A completely new VALO Hotel will open in summer 2020. VALO Hotel is a cosy and communal hotel designed to meet the needs of persons on the move and provide them with an unrivalled setting for accommodation and revitalisation. VALO Hotel’s vision is to create a world in which people feel better and which is smarter tomorrow than it was yesterday.

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VALO Work is a completely new kind of flexible workspace inside a hotel, a dynamic modern operating environment and communal services concept, which broadens our current conception of time. It’s a place where people come to work, network, revitalise and spend time. VALO Work is more than an office hotel – it offers users inspiring facilities for effective working 24/7/365

English version coming soon